Basketball Is Beside the Point For NBA All-Star Weekend

All-Star weekend has only grown in recent years. One spreadsheet making the rounds in Charlotte in 2019 had over 100 parties, and that did not include many of the more exclusive events. (Michael Jordan hosted a big one.) Thanks to a change in the league schedule, there is more partying and less deal-making than there used to be. The 2020 NBA All Star Weekend will be in Chicago. Click here for tickets. 

Will Zion Williamson be in the Dunk Contest in Chicago All Star Weekend 2020?

The Duke standout player is expected to go #1 in the 2019-2020 Draft class. We know he probably will be partaking in the 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago with the Rising Stars Challenge. The real question is will he go after the Slam Dunk Champion Title in Chicago? Could he even be drafted by the Chicago Bulls? That would be unbelievable actually could be believable if you ever watch the youtube NBA draft conspiracies online. Either way the 2020 NBA, All-Star Weekend in Chicago, is going to be legit and we can't wait.

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